What People Say About Sightful Services

Jenna Solis

Sightful Services is by far one of the most established and knowledgeable security services I’ve come across in a long time! After planning a fairly large event in an unfamiliar event space. Sightful assigned officers that thoroughly assessed the space and efficiently created post orders best suited for the flow of the event. Their professionalism and commitment to service was bar none. Moreover, the management team is both accommodating and genuine when it comes to executing service. Sightful Services is definitely a top choice!

Melo Rose

Sightful services embodies all of the characteristics of an outstanding company, highly-talented professionals, customer-focused business. In my experience with “Sightful Services” - Each team member is highly skilled in their area of expertise and practices core values of ethics, loyalty, fairness, honesty, confidentiality and discipline. Sightful service is very reliable and stand behind every word , listen carefully to every client / customer request. I highly recommend Sightful Services. Thank you for the best experience. Over Exceed my expectations


Leighton Bester

I'm very impressed with Sightful services. They got back to me swiftly once I provided all the info they needed in order to help them determine which of their services would best meet my needs. From the initial phone conversation, to the actual meet at their office in Brooklyn, which might I add was welcoming and neat, the staff was courteous, pleasant, and they worked with me to come up with the most suitable service for my event.The security officers were professional, did their job, without being intimadating to the guests, all of whom felt safe. It was a success. Thank you Sightful Services and you have most definitely earned a loyal client."


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