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Industry-Leading Mobile Security Patrol

Enjoy Peace of Mind Through Our Unequalled 24/7 Mobile Security Patrol. Protecting Your Business with Our Mobile Patrol Services Is Our Pride.

When compared to other forms of security services, mobile patrols are some of the most important types of security for businesses.

Mobile Patrol Service for Safeguarding Your Property

Not only will Sightful Services’ mobile security patrol in New York give your business 24/7 security and safety, but it will also ensure that your manned security officers get the necessary assistance they need during the time of dangers.

Mobile Patrol Services

We provide random and routine checks on your businesses; thus, making sure that no crime or incident goes unnoticed. A large pool of both large and small businesses is already enjoying our mobile patrol security services in Brooklyn, NY; so, join other security-conscious clients by using our services today.

An Unrivalled Team of Highly Trained Security Patrolling Officers

Due to the importance of security patrolling, our team comprises of only security officers who are highly trained to deliver the effective and efficient security mobile patrols. Our trained officers will oversee detailed patrol of different pre-determined places; thereby, making sure that every activity is under watch.

We are capable of providing different for security patrols. Based on agreements, our mobile security patrol team can help with:


  • Keeping nuisance acts, vandalism, and other criminal activities in check

  • Random checks to catch or deter intruders

  • Locking and unlocking of any business sites or offices

  • Monitoring access points and various activities

  • Working with maintenance workers to prevent any security issues

  • Providing detailed reports on any safety problems at your premises

  • Providing full reports on the security situations of your premises, and lots more

By hiring us at Security Services for your best security mobile patrols services in NY, you have successful deterred criminals and intruders from turning your premises to their den. Whether you go home for a peaceful night rest or travel anywhere for vacation, we assure you that you will meet your business premises safe and intact. Our security patrolling is the ultimate security services every business needs in New York.

Cost-Effective Security Patrols

Although security is one of the most vital aspects of your business, it should not cost you an arm and a leg. At Sightful Services, we are fully aware of this fact; resultantly, we make sure that our mobile security patrol costs do not make you break the bank. Our mobile security patrol costs are budget-friendly; hence, small and large businesses can use our mobile local security patrols according to their capacity and needs.

Do not let constrained budget make you leave your business at the mercy of criminals; call us today at 929-337-6262 and we will also offer you residential security patrol in NY that fit your budget.

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