All of our fireguards have been through extensive training and have the knowledge that is needed for fire prevention. They know how to activate fire alarms, know how to work the many various types of fire extinguishers, are familiar with the functions of a sprinkler system and know how to evacuate a building if they need to.

By having a fireguard on your site, the odds of a fire happening will greatly be reduced, and if it were to happen, there would be minimal loss.  When you use our fireguard services, you can put your mind at ease knowing that our trained fireguards are always present. It is not always possible to plan for a fire emergency, but one thing you can do is staff your venue with experienced fireguards to divert potential emergencies and keep safe the people and property that you care about.

Fireguards play an important role in keeping our buildings and venues safe.  Local government codes specify where fireguards are required and how many are required given the circumstances. These professionals perform watch duties and are highly trained to handle emergency situations.


New York City and New York State fire codes require that a New York City and FDNY certified fireguard be present at all public performances. In many states, there are laws that require a fireguard to always be present at certain facilities. Usually, these properties are construction sites, high-rise buildings, and other similar type properties. New York City law requires that fireguards be trained and licensed to work in residential or commercial buildings. We can provide trained fireguards to protect your property and make sure that it is up to fire codes.

Thousands of hotels, motels and hospitality businesses in New York require full-time expertise of FDNY certified personnel.  Hotel fireguard services entail performing watch duties and helping hotel guests and staff with fire emergencies. Other responsibilities of fireguard services in hotels and motels include monitoring fire related systems and writing up all relevant reports, as well as urgently reporting fire conditions to emergency team responders.

At Sightful Services, our hotel FDNY certified personnel are highly trained in all of these duties and also coordinate prompt and orderly evacuations in the unfortunate event of fire.

Fireguards play a huge role in maintaining the safety of large buildings, whether for commercial or residential use. High-rise office building fireguard services involve providing watch duties at any time when a fire alarm, standpipe, or sprinkler is out of operation. Building management and business owners rely upon the expertise and professionalism of fireguards to maintain productive and efficient operations on a day-to-day basis in compliance with the law.

The law requires that FDNY certified personnel be present in high-rise office buildings when there are 500 or more people occupying a building. FDNY certified personnel are also required when there are 100 or more people occupying below-ground levels or above the first floor in a building.


There are many important reasons why fireguard services are so essential at construction sites. For example, trained construction fireguards are used as new buildings are being erected, altered, or demolished. This is especially important when work has stopped for the day; however, it is not typically a requirement between the hours of midnight and 8:00 am.  During construction, the fire protection system is often disconnected or not yet connected for the first time. This is another instance when construction fireguard services are required. If a sprinkler system has not yet been installed, then you are legally required to have a fireguard on duty in New York City. Construction professionals should know that how many fireguards you need is dependent upon the how large your field site is and where it is located. For example, if your building is 75 feet tall, you will need to hire one fireguard to protect each area of 10,000 square feet if one side of your site faces a street.