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Let’s Provide You with Experienced and Trained Armed and Unarmed Security Guards. We Are Always Here to Protect You and Your Investments.

Enjoy Seamlessly Armed and Unarmed Security Services

At Sightful Services, we know that various corporate and individual clients need armed and unarmed security guards. Therefore, we strive every moment to ensure that we are the armed security company that everyone can depend on for their quality security services.

Using our experience in the field, we have created a reliable and effective security protocol that fits impeccably into the security needs of our clients. Our goal is to ensure that we deliver the perfect services that will cater to the needs of our clients. Hence, we offer everyone armed security guards as well as unarmed security guards that can provide them with various levels of security that they require.

From securing and protecting your facility with our armed security guards to positioning our unarmed security guards to monitor your corporate events, we have the most qualified personnel for your specific needs. Our security guards have undergone various training that has equipped them with the knowledge required to be able to maintain peace and order in your facility, events and so on.

Armed Security Guards for All in New York.

In some cases, your facilities, businesses, and properties may be at risks of theft and other forms of violence. You should never allow burglars, armed robbers, and other criminals jeopardize your business; get in touch with us at Sightful Services and let us help you protect your investments.

As one of the leading security companies in New York City, we have armed security guards that are well trained to safeguard your properties from terrorist attacks, theft, violence, robbery, and many more. Some of the businesses that have used our services as an armed security company include financial institutions, antique stores, jewelry shops, and first-rate art galleries.

Whether you are at your business location or at home enjoying a peaceful sleep, you do not have to fear because our team of armed security guards is always devoted to protecting your businesses.

24/7 Unarmed Security Services

Since schools, department stores, sports complexes, and other establishments in the neighborhood do not usually require armed guards, we provide various unarmed security guards that are committed to monitoring activities at your facilities. Though these unarmed security experts are courteous and approachable individuals, they are well trained to protect your facilities from trespassing, shoplifting, vandalism, and other unlawful activities.

Apart from being in great physical shape, our unarmed security guards have been trained for months to use various defense techniques to deter any unlawful activities that may want to disrupt your business.

If you are ready to enjoy peace of mind, do not hesitate to contact us today at Sightful Services for both armed and unarmed security services. Call 929-337-6262 now and let’s get started.

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