Sightful Services, Is a fully licensed Security Firm with Headquartered in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  We are a talented team of dedicated professionals who provide Security Services throughout New York City and New York State areas.




On behalf of Sightful Services, we extend to you a sincere welcome to our site.  I am pleased to share our vision and core values with our prospective clients.

Sightful Services was founded on the premise of passion, goodwill and commitment to protect our community.   Security protection is a business that has become necessary in today’s climate. Recent events through the world have revitalized a need to feel secure while maintaining a balance between your business and/or personal welfare; we pride ourselves on hiring the most qualified and efficient professionals as we understand that our success is ultimately measured by the trust established within our community.

As a public servant of the NYS Law Enforcement, I am entrusted with the safety and well-being of the people.  It is here I have found the desire to provide that same trust to our community, fueled by uncompromising integrity and experience.

At Sightful Services we provide custom comprehensive packages specific to client needs.  Our motto is “to deliver exceptional security services while maintain integrity and professionalism.”

 There are many factors to consider when making a sound decision between companies, which is why my goal is to personally consult with our clients by providing competitive rates, a stellar experience, while supporting your business bottom line.

As we continue to grow, we hope to work with you in the near and long-term future.




L. Williams